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A born native of Orlando Florida. Raised in Blytheville, Arkansas. Showed an interest in music at age of 6 years old. I started playing piano at 12 years old. Graduated from Blytheville Sr. High with honors in music. Studied music, Arkansas State University of Jonesboro Arkansas. Moved to California, 1977 to pursue a career in music. Worked with music artists such as D.J. Rodgers, Natalie Cole, Patti Labelle, Dione Warwick, Clifton Davis, the Late Rev. James Cleveland, Tommye Young West, Edwin & Bishop Walter Hawkins, Barbara Mitchell and many more. Have served in church music ministry for 40 years. Relocating to Stuttgart Germany December 2007. Toured Italy, Germany, Austria.

Waldo Weathers Artist, entertainer, musician Member of (The James Brown Band)   for 15 years. Now performing worldwide doing his own thing after being with Charley Pride, Johnny Taylor for years and on shows with nothing but great super stars, like Michel Jackson as seen on BET and many many more and seeing both sides of the fence, so to speak! Waldo has toured the world, no country not seen. Also headliner on the only 6 star ship in the world: Four Tours, on The MS Europa. Please check out his videos on www.myspace.com/waldoweathers and www.YouTube.com/waldoweathers and let’s get together for a tour of Dance, Funk and Soul! (Formerly of the James Brown Band) Performing sax solos on CD (James Brown, Live at the Apollo 1995) (Gonna have a   Funky good time) (Living in America) (Papa’s Bag) Also on the DVD (Live at the House of Blues 2000) And (James Brown on PBS) With James Brown doing the Waldo Dance. Now giving the fans a touch of his Sexy Sax and sweet soulful Funk! Working out of Stuttgart, Germany (as a new home base,) by way of Nashville, TN USA “Saxual Fulfillment” is what you get when you hear the romantic sounds of Waldo Weathers. On stage he’s the *Da Pope of Funk* when he plays his wind instruments and shares his smooth, sexy, singing in that deep voice that totally satisfies his audience. When Waldo performs it’s his mission to please everyone who has come to listen. Who is this *Funk Master* so intent on accomplishing his mission to please his listeners? Waldo grew up in Kentucky and at 12 years of age, he was called to play with a group in a night club! The Saxman started out with rhythm and blues bands and went on to do Country music and when jumped to Smooth Jazz & Funk! “And yes he does Gospel”. Waldo Weathers was awarded a letter of acknowledgement being the First Black Country Sax Player ~~from the Country Music Hall of fame. Quite an honor! His group gives their audience an entertaining performance with their wide range of vocals. Mr. Saxual Fulfillment himself rounds out the group with his sexy sax and his deep, smooth, sexy voice. Waldo’s CDs “Live in Barcelona”, includes the songs “Shaky Ground”, “Cold Sweat”, and “Georgia On My Mind”. His other CD, “Waldo The Mix” is awesome and the CD Love Groove, Waldo let’s the world hear his Son (Elliot) & Daughter (Kristin), also James Browns son, Daryl Brown Check it out! Also go on CDbaby.com, and you will see and hear Waldo the Country Sax CD (For your Saxual Fulfillment) His Mothers Day song on the CD, The Mix “Mama”, And the latest CD is Waldo’s Groove with 5 live recording and studio recording as well (not in stores or online). As you sat and listened to Waldo play his romantic /Funk music on his saxophone you can feel your senses being fed a sensual feast fit for any woman or man. You wont be disappointed. You will truly be “fulfilled”

Lily Adams, Gerald Haussner, Andi Müller, Tom Groovedoctor