jam with us

17.02.2016 und 16.03.2016 – Charlee Quest & the BackBeat Lovers


For Charlee Quest, the childhood spark that ignited his love for music was a microphone with two pedals. „One was a clapper pedal, the other one was a laughing pedal, so I was basically able to get my own ‚crowd‘ there,“ recalls the South American born Charlee of his childhood.

The next step was his Grandmother’s gift for his 15th birthday: a guitar [„…her dream was to see me become a great artist“]. Joining the local marching band a year later, and learning to play saxophone would become Charlee’s fondest childhood memories. The thought of marching the streets, playing with 60 musicians simultaneously only drew him deeper in love with music, calling the experience „undescribable“.
Upon finishing  highschool, the singer/songwriter formed a band with a few like-minded schoolmates. He began writing frequently and even stepping out front, spearheading the band’s choreography. Though the fuel for this all was fun and no more, it quickly became legitimately successful, turning an industry ear or two… Jumping straight from the little leagues to the shark tanks, he signed a label contract… Which didn’t quite pan out as expected.
Sour taste in mouth, Charlee grew apart from his dreams; passing on other offers, and writing freelance for others artists. Proving a not-to-be-shaken habit, Charlee would ultimately stick his musical nose out, and to no surprise catch the musical „bug“ once again. In a casting call one can only describe as „fate and great timing“, Charlee pinned down his entire rhythm section nearly on the first go around. Now with the BackBeat Lovers, that is… Philo (drums/percussion), Kevin André (keys, background vocals), Rene (bass), and Lorenzo (guitar), Charlee is primed, ready and diving head first back into the musical industry.